Withdrawn: Consolidating Strategic & Goverance Funding to dGov

Purpose: Funding Consolidation
Status: Withdrawn 22/06/20
@daniel-ospina @fartunov

Proposal discussion here

Reason Withdrawn: as per @fartunov correct advice, the funding would be returned to the Main DAO and be disbursed from there. This would require a Main DAO proposal to release again to dGov and could forfeit funding currently available to community members

Thank you Renee. Sadly I cannot follow across the threads and hence fail to grasp the purpose of this post:

  • Is this a new proposal
  • Is this the withdrawal of an existing one
  • Is this a different thing entirely

In the spirit of inclusive governance and transparency. Can we get a plain language explanation of what is going on? An example below:

ESD has approved the return of USDC xxxx (equivalent) to the Main DAO. This represents approved but unspent funding to incentivize governance participation [link]. The funding will be allocated from the Main DAO towards the dGov initiative as a supplement to the initiative’s approved budget of USDC zzzz (equivalent) [link].

Proposal withdrawn
Posted here for visibility based on discussion here

Awesome - Thank you!