Will Aragon DAO's port to Aragon Chain

Working on a non-profit and I have some tangible assets that could accel the adoption and utility of the non-profit. Good Faith Paradim is the name. A sample of the products can be found on our fundrazr campain. With these assets, there is a possibility to design them to have IoT features that could potentially be used for biometric verification, chip verification or something as simple as QR code. With the harps of god I could issue a non-fungible token that could have a name registered individually for each person or as a lump donation where the proceeds are used for a community project in a specific hemisphere and/or region.

I’ve followed both the development of e-stonia and Aragon. I understand that e-stonia is not a DAO-oriented organization per se. These are two digital platforms I’m interested in launching my organization. I do like the idea of the organization being able to allow the community to shape the destiny of the project.

If I do launch this on Aragon - will the current application be able to run on Aragon Chain or should I wait until Aragon Chain is on the Cosmos main net?

Hey there! Aragon Chain will be fully compatible with Ethereum, so you can either do it now or wait, but it shouldn’t make a big difference in terms of what’s possible to build in each chain. Of course the big difference will be price – Aragon Chain having very very cheap fees compared to Ethereum.

What would be the best way to go about launching a private network on Microsoft Azure with the Aragon DOA modules using puppeth and a PoA consensus so that some of the IoT infrastructure with Azure could be leveraged.

Is this a strategy anyone has reviewed? It is one that I would be very interested in.