Why doesn't the AA start buying back unannounced?

One of the main criticisms of buyback proposals is that we are not allowed to do them until assets are in the DAO because the association can’t pre announce / vote on buybacks.

The problem is moving assets to the DAO is said to cost like $40M in taxes (likely wrong but just using this number for now)

Instead of nuking it on taxes, why doesn’t the association just buyback $40M without announcing it as it has done so in the past? In the transparency reports we sent $12.5M to “Woorton” to do buybacks and they were announced after. Why isn’t the association simply doing this again?

This would:

  • Bring ANT to fair value, likely book value capital sells
  • Do the buybacks pre-tax so ANT isn’t double taxed (likely first thing to happen with the funds once they hit the dao is buyback)
  • Allow things to slow down without pressure as this is the main reason the AA/DAO has created a hostage situation w the holders
  • good vibes and joy to all

Additionally, can we get transparency on if the AA, or any associated party, is in engagement with any market makers or publicly unknown market operations right now?


Think this is a good suggestion @dcfgod. Not sure we will get a response even if they choose to do so though.


Great suggestion

I think this would receive broad support amongst DAO and team members

Inherently this is something that they would not announce (unannounced buybacks), but perhaps just posting in support of it here is good signaling / tacit approval.

As a long standing member of the Aragon community, I could not agree more on this proposal.