Where can I see the forks?

Where can I see which projects forked Aragon and Aragon Products/Services?
Where can I see which projects Aragon has forked?

Does the Aragon Community care if a project forks Aragon? Would it be good if those project somehow show that they forked the code? I think it is good for the reputation of a project if it gets forked, because it shows that the project is important and also the Aragon Community can learn from the mistakes and solutions of those forks. Thats why I think it would be good to have something like a “fork standard” where projects show which repositories they forked for their projects. Perhaps you can see it on github but i don’t know. Would be nice to see a fork list / map where i see all coins and how they relate to each other through the forks they did.

You can see forks by clicking the number of forks on a given github repo e.g. https://github.com/aragon/aragon/network/members

Thanks I saw this as well but it is difficult for me to see which projects are connected to the forks. I only see the persons not projects behind the forks, perhaps1Hive is an exception. Is there a list of active projects which forked Aragon?

Aragon Court forked Kleros. You forked it and changed the code. Can I see that on github?

Aragon Court is not a fork of Kleros, it is 100% original code. The first plan was to fork Kleros but decided against it.

ok that is interesting perhaps I didn’t read it all. Just remember this discussion Common court with Kleros proposal and i thought it was all about aragon forking kleros.

I think lots of people think aragon court is a fork of kleros and are bit confused. Would be nice to see a blog post to clarify it.

From that thread (emphasis mine)

You can find more technical details about Aragon Court in this blog post:

And of course to see that it is not a fork, simply compare the code repos of Aragon Court and Kleros and you can easily see no code has been re-used.

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