What's Happening to the Aragon Fundraising App

Hello All,

it’s been several weeks now since the Aragon fundraising app is on mainnet, and so far, no announcement or any communication about someone’s already using it.

More than a couple of weeks ago, when I started to promote the idea to use it in the MetaGame.wtf, I got this new about PieDAO using the fundraising app:

But as I can see now, PieDAO seems to have chosen the Dandelion App instead. This is only something that’s calling my attention atm, I’m sure they did have the right reaso for taking such a decision, but it makes me wonder even more about why there’s no proper adoption of such a game-changing product.

Despite I understand Bonding Curves are a sensitive mechanism to gather funds from markets that might haven’t understand so far what a Token Bonding Curve is, I’d like to gather insights from Aragon (I guess still AragonBlack cc @osarrouy ) about the learnings gathered so far. I’d like to realize if there’s a communication/community engineering issue where I could be helping from some communities I have access to where I think this product could fit; or if there are there other technical problems for this app not being a success as I was expecting it to be some months ago.


I was searching for Fundraising instances too and found this DAO: https://mainnet.aragon.org/#/curio/. Apparently they are using a modified version of Fundraising app. More info here: https://curioinvest.com/labs