What is the Cooperative's Boundaries? What is out of bounds? What is the scope?

In the in person meeting, the notes are a little sparse here, but the main consideration is, what do we consider our scope and rules? Is it just focused on Aragon initiatives? Should we be concerned about illegality? Do we have any moral guidelines?

I got more questions than answers on this one :wink: We probably should avoid doing blatantly illegal things, like for instance, even tho i am for the most part in favor of the legalization of substances and giving people the right to decide what they put in their body. Strategically it would be a bad move for the coop to support a Drug Market proposal… or a money laundering proposal.

Thats my personal opinion on boundaries.

On scope, i like keeping it wide! but maybe there is a strong push to keep it focused on Aragon :smiley:

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My personal boundaries:

  1. If the cooperative starts to adopt policies which make it difficult for new community members to join and participate I will disengage.
  2. If the cooperative collectively formalize policies which I think will devalue ANT I will disengage.

about personal bounties, I agree with the statement about.

About defining the scope of the cooperative, well, in my view this is actually related to the thread that talks about the problem the Coop wants to solve: What is the Problem the Aragon Cooperative is trying to solve?

I just added an input there where I explain why I think the scope should be on building up a reputation system for Aragon Community members. Have a look!

For me this is also tied into onboarding. I believe some kind of Constitution is traditional, ne’s ce pas?

I think we start with the Aragon Declaration as a given and take it from there.

Griff, is there a Giveth doc/sentiment you’d like to chuck into the (ethical) mix?

Maybe we could be activist focussed, education, knowledge, empowerment, out in the community (ies) - all that good shtick.

Also, somewhat further down the line, how about the Coop as politically active voting-bloc super-pac - where the coop has a sizable chunk of ANT (which is actively maintained for growth by some of our more trading-focussed brethren on here), to take a position as the self-styled ‘conscience’ of Aragon that decides to vote en-masse on all proposals (once we’ve taken out a position in a subvote (perhaps with an alternate token (Aragon Cooperative Token).

The bounds of Cooperation I’d like to mull on a little longer (am just catching up in general). For me these are crucial. As a performer my experience is that the tighter and clearer the controls, the more freedoms I have to work within. As a composer, such are my aims.