What happened to Aragon DAC?

Was just going through the User Onboarding section of the Wiki to better understand what resources are available and came across Aragon DAC. I’d heard of them and had seen their logo a few times so I got curious and went to their website. It looks cool, but then I got confused because they said they were building out core infrastructure and focusing on end user UX. Those kind of seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but ok. Anyways, their website says that they’re an altruistic community that wants to build stuff for the community, but I couldn’t find anything they actually built. Also their GitHub link returns a 404. At the same time, they’re featured in the Aragon docs and their logo is in the design section. Is the Aragon DAC still a thing and/or where can I find their code/projects?

Also, does anyone know of any good resources that ELI5 how to use Aragon (the actually app/client, not the whole thing as a general concept)?

I don’t want to speak for them but after they did not get funding from ANV-1 I think the people working in the DAC moved on to other projects (some are still in the Aragon ecosystem e.g. Quazia is now at Autark and Daniel and Gabi are working on aragonCLI).

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Ok cool. So it just kind of morphed into other things then, but there’s no DAC specific resources or projects in existence?

Correct. We’re in the middle of a re-design and re-organization of the wiki overall which will likely archive Aragon DAC related resources since they are no longer active.

the Aragon DAC Flock proposal never reached ANV-1, but was blocked before that by AA on stage IV.
BTW, I believe the AA never shared any official rationale to block that AGP (and/or others blocked AGPs), did they??

Correct, the Aragon DAC proposal was rejected in the AA review phase. The reason was published in the ANV-1 final results blog post:

AGP-7: Flock Funding: Aragon DAC
Rejected for a lack of full-time leadership and of full-time senior engineering talent.

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