What can I do with Aragon?

Use Aragon to launch a startup, form a nonprofit, or rally an online community.​

Properties of Aragon Organizations:

Aragon organizations are digital natives. They live on Ethereum, a ledger secured by incentives and cryptography. Transactions are transparent and immutable.

Aragon leverages smart contracts. They are like traditional contracts, but written in computer code and enforced by the blockchain. As efficient and automatic as it gets.

Aragon organizations are global from day one. Collaborate with people across countries or continents, without experiencing cumbersome bureaucrazy.

Aragon organizations are transparent. No need to go through a huge stack of paper to figure out what’s going on. With Aragon, people in your organization can easily view the finances and other important data.

Aragon Products

Use the Aragon Client

Experiment with new kinds of human collaboration / organizational structures , just with a few clicks.

Creating a democratic organization is as easy as selecting the Membership template. Votes are secure and tamper-proof. You can now empower entire communities.

Install apps that enhance your organization , such as a different voting process or a better way to manage funds. Aragon organizations are fully modular.

Discover Aragon Apps:

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