What are the effective ways to encourage the crypto community in non-profit "dao activism"?

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Yes, for example, Aragon Association is also a non-profit, but the product organization and the presence of tokenomics play an important role in the self-funding and financial motivation of the community. So, could it be relevant and useful to have some kind of own tokenomics for activism or in/for protest initiatives? Or some kind of partner-third-party tokenomics? For example, when participation in an initiative (including donating), is encouraged by a small number of tokens from a well-known project, that supports this initiative. Or vice versa, from a new, but promising project, which thus conducts a kind of ‘socially responsible airdrop’. Or from a united group of projects that support a strong initiative, that can significantly help in solving a particular problem, having such support. Will it help to get involved and spread the initiative? What other solutions, concepts are possible? What examples already exist? Please share.

The issue of ‘social responsibility’ has not been deployed in the crypto space yet. There is an opinion that a ‘crypto project’ is already ‘socially responsible’, and it really happens, but this isn’t a constant. For example, Aragon is conceptually saturated with this (check Aragon Manifesto) and the fact of its existence is already a social responsibility, but I believe that more is possible both for Aragon (unfolding the activism front :fist:) and for many other crypto projects, which often have no such component at all in their DNA. But all of them can be socially involved in one way or another, thereby constantly increasing their level of overall usefulness. And I’m not talking about typical charity here :recycle:

Let me share one of my old, but I think relevant quotes from 2018 Dether community dialogue regarding their involvement with “Bifrost Initiative”:

“As I said earlier, I especially appreciate and support social entrepreneurship, which in the near future will become the most socially acceptable activity. Business for business and profit, even if it opens new horizons will be less and less in demand global and local communities worldwide. This is especially true for the crypto/blockchain world, which has the greatest potential in this issue, while it is least used to date. Of course, this is natural, everything goes in order. And by the way, it doesn’t seem strange, but the speculativity and volatility of the crypto market can play a special role in the social sense and be really useful for the world. If this is properly set up and used. So, today’s news about the new co-project Bifrost by Consensys, MakerDAO and Dether is very pleasing to me and I’m proud that Dether team on such a balanced vision-way along with the rest of the initiative. The mission of the new project is extremely important. Since the lives of many people and animals can depend on the speed of fundraising and fund transfer in certain critical situations. And I think that over time this speed can be the same as the speed of fundraising during many ICOs, scaled by seconds and millions.”

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This is interesting!

I have a few non-profit and nominally for-profit projects that I want to set up DAOs for - one would be a low token number but high token value (for affluent buyers) to build a BIoMedical Research Facility for:

and others could be a high token number but low value token eg to build a Tai Chi / Meditation dome:

or small residential domes in my Life Extension Village:

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