What are some current real-world uses?

We (althea.org) are currently testing our Aragon app with a test deployment of our decentralized ISP system. The Aragon app is used by a community organization (the “Subnet DAO”) to administer the network and collect some forms of fees from participating routers.

I was wondering what other projects are currently testing Aragon DAOs, not just theoretical uses.


DAppNode uses Aragon to manage their Aragon Package Manager instance.

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Right now we are building the Planning Suite which will support the Space Decentral DAO.

We are aiming to practice some of our initial DAO governance using these apps in April 2019, for our Space Mission Activation Process.

We have an active space mission in the design phase, Coral, and have been using spreadsheets/github to track the “effort points”. These effort points will be used to determine who has voting rights in the space mission activation vote, by assigning non-transferable voting tokens to the valid participants.

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Giveth is working on spec’ing out our Unicorn DAC DAO to manage donations to the platform, but we need the Provider Engine that Jvluso is working on.

And the Aragon DAC is for sure going to migrate to an Aragon DAO next February… but that almost doesn’t count, because of course we would!

OH! And Status is working with Giveth to create a LiquidFunding App using the LiquidPledging system, its still exploratory now, but it is very likely to happen.

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