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:hatching_chick: Nest Grant $194k ($144k + $50k in ANT)

Human-Centric Capitalism on the Blockchain. Work with each other, not for one another.

‘High-Risk Automated Debt’ lays the basis for a completely new way of running an organization. It goes beyond just the idea of balancing capital and labor and could open up a new level of organizational engagement.

Through our platform, we give people the ability to collaborate, share profit, fund ideas and reward contributions with a level of trust and automation that was impossible prior to Blockchain technology.

What have they built?

Wetonomy App

Wetonomy is an opinionated set of applications and templates built on top of AragonOS that streamlines the creation of DAOs

Who’s using it?

Notable projects using the team’s products goes here.

What are they currently working on?

Team’s latest project goes here.

Other interesting info

Interesting stuff about the team or their projects goes here.