Web3 Summit tickets sponsor

This proposal is to sponsor 2 tickets for the upcoming Web3 Summit on Berlin.

@fabriziovigevani and I will be traveling from Uruguay :uruguay: to attend the Berlin’s Blockchain week. We plan on carrying the Aragon flag to ETHBerlin, Dappcon and if this proposal is funded to Web3 Summit as well :eagle:

We are currently contributing to the 1Hive project developing a new set of Aragon apps.

Amount requested is 785 DAI ~= 700 euros.



This makes me think we need to make actual physical Aragon flags now :joy:

Great to hear that the Aragon contingent will be strong in Berlin, I look forward to meeting you there in person!

Do you plan to build anything Aragon-related at ETHBerlin?


Cool! Would be amazing to have you there. Are you sending a CFDAO proposal?

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Hey thanks for your answers guys!

Yes for sure it will be great to meet all of us!

@light We are planning to kick off Flora we think that it will be super useful for the community.

@luis Yes that is the idea if you guys are ok with that!


Neat! I’d say go ahead and submit the proposal after the weekend :slight_smile:


Big :heavy_check_mark: for this proposal

This would be so cool!


I just submitted the vote.

Thank you guys!

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I notice that you requested 700 EUR in the OP but the proposal in the agp10 org is for 785 DAI. Can you update your OP to show the correct amount?

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Hi, after I saw this I thought you might find it useful to know that we will have a p2p-focused Node in the Web3 hackerspace (between ethereum, ipfs etc). There will be space to do presentations and workshops. If you would like to have a space there just sign up for it at https://forms.gle/SXcXEBXLanJ9CP5R8 !