Voting App compatibility with COMP-style token

The COMP (Compound Governance) token allows delegation of votes from one address to another, based on your token balance. Historical vote balances are then checkpointed, similar to the MiniMe token which is used by Aragon.

Is it true that the Voting App could be forked, with minor modifications, in order to make it work with such a token? Or is there a deeper integration with MiniMe that would make it difficult?

The following MiniMe functions could be mapped to COMP equivalents:

totalSupplyAt() -> totalSupply [fixed]
balanceOfAt() -> getPriorVotes()


Yes, you could do one of either:

  1. Fork Voting to use instead use those two functions
  2. Wrap the COMP token (or a similar one) with another contract, that simply forwards the calls.

The first will lower gas, but pushes the maintenance of the app to you. The second will incur a bit of gas overhead for the call forwarding, but allows you to use the standard Voting app.

Thanks! That second option does indeed sound better.