Vote #21 & #22 Discussion Thread - Request for payment: Gustavo Segovia as AragonCoordinatio labours

The questions of the votes in Mainnet are:

Vote #21

Finance: Create a new payment of 1200 DAI to
for ‘I agree paying @gustavosegovia for his work stated in

Vote #22

Finance: Create a new payment of 415 ANT to @gustavosegovia
for ‘I agree paying @gustavosegovia for his work state in

Please note that I’m requesting for two different payments, the first one (Vote #21) in DAIs regarding clear actions and efforts with tangible proof. While the second one (Vote #22) in ANTs, this is basically because I don’t have tangible deliverable to share with the community for ~8 hours of stated work. This is stated in TaskID: GuSe009 in w22 report, which description I’m attaching here for your convenience:

TaskID Tag Task Name Description Links to deliverable Time applied Token requested
GuSe009 Miscellaneus Human relationships This week was tough in the sense that I got absorved by humans conflicts and drama that consummed lot of time (certainly more than stated here) in calls, chats and forum posts as well as mental processes, I’m unsure if this kind of effort worth to be paid so I’m requesting a different payment (in ANTs) and leave it to the community judgement. I think this is worth though, as per we are building the tools for the future Organizations, and this orgs are leaded by Humans, therefore vulnerable beings. I’m willing to prepare a post sharing insights and proposals (after things are calmed down) about how to deal with the Human factor in DAOs 8h ANT

As per my involvement of the following weeks, I admit I don’t feel comfortable with the current situation, specially if continuing working with Julian, which modes, culture and professionalism ended up not being aligned with mine own. I’m still willing to continue labors as AragonCoop coordinator and Governance Cycle facilitator, but I prefer to step down for a couple of weeks, while the community shows their sentiment about this thread and this as well. Depending of these outcomes, and the engagement of more members to lead forward the operations of the Coop, I will come with adjusted proposals to the community.

Happy to discuss this further!


I really appreciate you breaking apart busy work from concrete deliverables. I think we need more of that kind of honesty and accountability in the Cooperative (and in the world). I have followed your example and done the same for my requests for compensation.

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Unfortunately, I missed the last meeting so. haven’t been on-boarded yet and can’t vote. However, your proposal is easy to digest and transparent. I’d have no problem voting for both.

Funding to one side. I have watched the past two live streams and following the conversations here and on keybase, and in all honesty, the atmosphere doesn’t seem too cooperative. I don’t think it’s the only reason why participation has dropped off but it certainly is a barrier