Vocdoni Weekly Update - 5-9th April

Hey everybody! Here’s the Vocdoni weekly update!

This week we secured the votes of the Annual General Meeting of an organization with ~3500 members using our old governance platform while we continued working on the new and revamped version.

We continued to improve coordination between the Aragon teams in order to work together as one. The cross-team coordination resulted in some good progress this week, including the pool of funding for the dGov projects we are working with Gitcoin, the development of the ERC20 token-based voting system fueled by Vocdoni, the organization of the customer support, and a single content strategy for Aragon. Between many others.


  • I’m delighted to announce that we have onboarded Alex, an experienced developer who will start assisting with our new governance platform’s frontend development. Say hi!

  • Our new governance platform continues to be refactored. The flow for onboarding organizations with the creation of self-custody accounts is now complete and functional.

  • Discussing and designing a new backup system, we made sure it had better UX. We also adapted a Flutter library to work with this new backup system.

Commercial & Marketing


  • We continued to think, design, and build (with existing tools) a unified support system for Aragon and Vocdoni.

Communication and community

  • We have stopped to organize the Vocdoni community calls. But soon we’ll announce the first Aragon Community Call, which will encompass all the Aragon initiatives. Stay tuned for more information!
  • We started working on a unified content and blog experience for all Aragon projects.

You can also keep up to date with Vocdoni here:


Amazing news, @ferranrego - and welcome aboard, Alex!
I’m particularly excited about the unified support initiatives and the upcoming Community calls :raised_hands: if anyone has suggestions on what we should include in the agenda, don’t hesitate to share!


The Community Call could be called the “The Aragon Brain-Heart”

  • I would love to understand the structure of the Aragon Association. Who has which roles, how do you coordinate, how is everything working under the hood, how you communicate with all the different teams and projects within the Aragon Network. Perhaps a mindmap or infographic.
  • What kind of system do you use KPIs, value-chain analysis , Capability Maturity Model ?
  • I want to understand the roadmap from Association to DAO. What are the plans a Wyoming DAO LLC?
  • I like the daily checkins where all member of the Association writes down what they did this day and also a weekly recap of the different agencies/WGs within the Association related to the goals/milestones they want to achieve.
  • What are the biggest challenges you see at the moment for the Aragon Network? What challenges did you master last week and what are the challenges for next week / month to achieve the Aragon Vision?
  • What is your strategy, mission, vision of Aragon Network?
  • Are there jobs / tasks the community can do like ANT bounties? How can the community become part of the overall strategy? What are the community milestones?
  • Who are the stakeholders?

Hi @Mouyou, I really liked your “Aragon Brain-Heart” suggestion - I’ll definitely keep in mind to use in some of our future community initiatives!

Now, answering to your questions,

  • The Aragon Association, although is relatively small in terms of members, has pretty much the structure of any company, with executive, legal, product, engineering, marketing, partnerships and community departments - to name a few. We’ll be looking into ways to have this shared with our community.
  • On a “association” perspective, we track our goals using KPIs and OKRs models - however, each department can add more goal-setting frameworks depending on complexity.
  • The fact the US state of Wyoming has recognised DAOs as LLCs is such great news for the entire network. In Aragon’s case, while we have plans to launch the Aragon Network DAO, which will be entirely governed by ANT holders, the Association will remain in existence.
  • The biggest challenge for us is definitely building a great and easy-to-navigate product for our community, and shipping it fast. We are currently doing the final touches of Aragon Govern, and we can’t wait to share with you all.
  • The mission and vision of Aragon Network won’t be much different from what we have in our Manifesto - regarding strategy, this will be discussed and shared prior to the creation.
  • Everyone that interacts with our product in some way is a stakeholder - partners, developers, advocates, DAOs, ANT holders and so on.
  • The Aragon Community holds so much knowledge and eagerness to contribute to what we’re building, and I am personally drafting initiatives to include our Community members into key tasks and decisions - watch this space!
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