Vocdoni Weekly Update - 29th March -2nd April

Hey everybody! Here’s the Vocdoni weekly update!

Despite the short week as Easter approaches, we have made significant progress on Vocdoni Bridge (our tool for ERC20 token-based voting system) and on the refactor of the new Vocdoni MVP as a governance platform for traditional organizations.

Both systems rely on the same Vocdoni digital voting protocol, which is E2E verifiable, anticensorship, deterministic, and potentially anonymous depending on how it is implemented.


  • Sprint planning focused on implementing our refactored MVP.
  • Finalizing Vocdoni MVP mockups and user flow.
  • Working on the Vocdoni UI/UX refactor and starting development.
  • Creating Vocdoni’s Design System and UI components.
  • Establishing better coordination between development teams by using Linear
  • Moving forward with the integration of Vocdoni’s token-based voting system with Aragon v2
  • Making a complete flow by integrating TokenStorageProof with vote-solidity
  • Vochain explorer bugs are being fixed, and the UX has been improved.
  • Building a Vochain explorer API.D
  • Setting up the backup system for Vocdoni decentralized accounts (user and organization identities).
  • Developing the final components for Vocdoni Bridge, the E2E verifiable and deterministic token-based voting system.

Commercial & Marketing

  • Pausing onboarding of organizations while waiting for the new MV.
  • Accompanying the organization of two Associations’ Annual General Meetings with Vocdoni. One of these is the Center Excursionista de Catalunya, which has almost 3500 members.
  • Working with our new pricing model (SaaS).


  • Setting Intercom up as a communication tool for web visitors and potential customers as well as giving support to actual customers.
  • Adding articles to our knowledge base

Communication and community

  • Setting up the communication and marketing team with Lucas Vento (Aragon CMO) and starting the Q2 OKRs.

  • Starting a new blog post to explain our ballot protocol.

  • Working on the launch of our token-based voting tool, Vocdoni Bridge.

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