Vocdoni Weekly Update - 22-26th March

Hey all!

Welcome to the Vocdoni weekly update that we start today and available on the forum every Friday. This way, you will be aware of all the development of Vocdoni, as Aragon’s project leading the field of digital voting. The update will be on a technical level. Still, it will also cover other areas like communication, support, communication, or internal organization…

We don’t know if this format will be the one we will keep in the future to keep the community updated, but for the moment, we leave you with the first one!

22-26th March

This week, we have made significant progress for the Open launch of Vocdoni as a digital voting platform for traditional organizations.

These developments bring us closer to cover different use cases like Annual General Meetings, polls, or simple votes. All with Vocdoni’s universally-verifiable, decentralized, and anti-censorship voting technology.

With this goal in mind, we worked on rebranding Vocdoni under Aragon as an umbrella brand. More on this soon!


  • Adding backup support on dvote-js to improve the UX of our end-users.
  • Cleaning dvote-js code to make it lighter and simpler
  • Updating the documentation (ballot protocol specs are now available in our docs)
  • Improvements in Bridge, our token-based voting system
  • Starting a refactor of our governance platform Vocdoni to improve the UX/UI when creating voting processes.
  • Developing a new version of Vocdoni mobile app and publishing it in the app stores
  • Adding visual designs to Vocdoni mobile app
  • Vochain explorer updates and UX improvements
  • Publishing and deploying a new deep linker system
  • Starting to use k8s on Hetzner to deploy Vocdoni-node with https
  • Upgrading dvote-protobuff


  • Plataforma per la llengua, an organization with +3000 members, organized their AGM, securitizing their votes with Vocdoni
  • Coordination with two organizations that will use Vocdoni as a digital voting method this April for their Annual General Meetings.
  • Coordination with a city council to organize a referendum under the non-referendary consultations law of Catalonia.
  • Working with our new pricing model (SaaS)


  • Configuring Intercom as a tool to communicate with web visitors, potential customers and give support to actual costumers
  • Starting to add articles to our knowledge base

Communication and community

  • Establishing a new rebranding of Vocdoni.
  • Pausing our Gitcoin Grant to stop receiving match funding. This way, we will no longer be an extractive player in Gitcoin Grants Quadratic Funding rounds, so other project projects can be better funded. (More info here)
  • Starting discussions with Gitcoin to create a match-funding pool for dGov projects.


  • Establishing North Star Metrics as a metrics tool for product development

You can also keep up to date on Vocdoni here: