Vocdoni Weekly Update - 19-23th April

Hey everybody! Here’s the Vocdoni weekly update!

A part of our team attended a retreat this week which helped us to work together more effectively and, of course, helped us to improve our relationships after months of not being able to be together.

During the past several days we have made great progress in launching our governance platform for traditional organizations, progress in the use of cryptographic mechanisms (like rollups) for digital voting that we can implement in the near future, and working on some AMAZING features for the ERC20 token-based voting product. There’s lots of good news to share soon!


  • We have started working on a refactor of the backend and frontend of our Vochain explorer, which allows anyone to audit electoral processes. This includes everything that happens on the Vochain, our L2 blockchain for vote counting. The refactor will make this more reliable, versatile, and transparent.
  • We have optimized the code of our smartcontracts to make the creation of votes cheaper in mainnet. We have achieved a 70% reduction of the previous cost!
  • We made some updates on the dvote-solidity tsp contract to allow registering tokens without a proof
  • We deployed the first alpha version of our governance platform Vocdoni in a dev environment
  • We made some updated on dvote-js to improve web3 gateway selection


  • We have started working on the design of new features of the Vocdoni governance platform. We have also improved some flows to make the platform more user-friendly and easier to use for organizing AGMs.
  • We have added new objects in the Aragon Design System that will work for both Vocdoni and Aragon v2.


  • Through Helpscout, we have integrated Vocdoni into Aragon’s live-chat, knowledge base, and support ticketing system flow.

Commercial & Marketing

  • We have secured the votes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Associació d’Arxivers de Catalunya.
  • We have defined the Q2 product marketing objectives for the launch of the Vocdoni governance platform.

Communication and community

  • We have participated in the Decidim Community meeting on electronic voting. Check it out here!


  • We have submitted a project to the European Union’s Ledger initiative to take decentralized governance one step further in Europe.

You can also keep up to date with Vocdoni here:

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