Vocdoni Weekly Update - 12-16th April

Hey everybody! Here’s the Vocdoni weekly update!

This week we wrapped up the process of setting OKRs for this quarter and continued polishing our ERC20 token-based voting solution and the development of the Vocdoni governance platform for traditional organizations.

We have also made some progress in different fields,


  • Our ERC20 token-based voting solution smart contracts has been deployed on the Rinkeby network.
  • There have been several meetings to continue integrating Vocdoni’s voting system into Aragon’s current stack and products.
  • One of our team members, Nate, has written an article explaining how Vocdoni Ballot Protocol can be used to create all types of voting processes thanks to the modularity of the protocol. Check it out!
  • Abel, our DevOps has been working on improving processes for infrastructure deployment using k8s.
  • Deployed web3 nodes (goerli, rinkeby) in “fast archive” mode
  • Submitted dvote-js changes for improving web3 gateway selection


  • Several improvements have been implemented to our governance platform Vocdoni, such as a preview mode before publishing a voting process.
  • We have continued to improve the entire product development process to add new opportunities to the roadmap.

Commercial & Marketing

  • We have continued working to establish a pricing system for the platform.

Communication and community

  • We have been establishing the communication roadmap actions for the next 3 quarters, together with our PR agency.

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