User Feedback WG


Make it easy for Aragon community members to try out all the new cool shiny stuff that Aragon teams are building before anyone else.

Make it easy for Aragon product teams to get user feedback and bug testing on their new shiny cool Aragon apps.


Membership is extremely open!

There are currently 2 facilitators (Aaron and burrrata).

Anyone is welcome to join as a member! There will be weekly meetings where we discuss cool things being built that we want to explore, how we feel about things we tried, and how we can make it easier for people to try out all the cool stuff the Aragon community is creating. We will then create a list of new cool things to try out. Throughout the week we will discuss these things in the User Feedback WG chat. Then the next week we will compile our experiences into a doc that the community (product teams) can use to guide product development and bug fixes. There are currently no decisions to be made, just feedback to be collected.

If you’d like to get involved, please comment in this thread. We’ll add more information on our chat channels and first meeting soon! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to contribute as far as my schedule allows it :slight_smile:

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