Use of a Fiscal Sponsor as a Legal Wrapper/Legal Entity for Aragon DAOs

This is awesome! Would be happy to help you figure out how Aragon could help. Do you have a rough idea in mind of how you want to integrate DAOs into your current organization structure?

Well my first thoughts for a specific project were posted here:

and a following idea for raising funding for brain research generally (not just for my own NP NAF) was here:

but it occurs to me that if I can make some more progress with building the NAF Research Facility (on my nominally for-profit site - which will eventually be owned by the NP NAF), then there are sort of many “Dandelion” DAO entities that could be used for smaller, ancillary and related projects.

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Hey Philip, :smiley:

I suggest that you start with a very simple DAO, initially just as a way for the donors to your Neural Archives nonprofit to be more actively involved in your cause, which also hopefully closely aligns with their personal goals.

Perhaps enable voting so they can have a voice in how donated funds are spent.

Maybe you could also have a bounty program and reward those donors who help spread awareness about your nonprofit and cause in specific ways you have found effective. Rep tokens could be created for that purpose and the tokens could be redeemable for cash or crypto from the nonprofit at a predetermined ratio.

Here is an example of a community site where members are rewarded: AVA Labs is the latest client of DAO Maker, which specializes in these types of community bounty platforms for integration into clients’ websites.


Yes, but I think I will do this with a separate DAO from any that I might do for the NAF - to get some more immediate real / actual experience with something that is not so consequential . . ie my SF AI book writing idea at the end of:

There is a potential large donor I need to approach first - who may actually be interested in supporting directly or via a DAO - I’ll see how that goes first.

Interesting idea!

Thanks! I will have a closer look at that . .

@burrrata , @Amazongirl ,

Well I am finally surfacing again from other, more pressing, involvements and prior to setting up my first, less critical (but fun!) DAO, I have bought a few ANT so that I can start participating in votes etc and start finding my way around so I am a bit more clued-up . . so if you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated!

As time goes on, I will increase my ANT holdings.


@philiprhoades Hey Philip! :smiley: Please fill out this founder outreach survey and we could do a phone call afterwards:

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I agree with option B, this is the easiest way to implement DAOs and test fiscal processes. then, as you mentioned, interactions between clients and DAO would have donation basis while interactions between DAO and consultants would have supply costs basis. Non-profit organization can be made based on Estonian law I suggest, cheap costs and digital processes :slight_smile:

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Hey Mike! Thanks for your input!

Could this Estonian nonprofit be created without traveling to Estonia? :smiley:

@philiprhoades I sent you a private message. Please check! :slightly_smiling_face:

My pleasure!) Yes, it’s possible to do online, check here
Also @joeycharlesworth shared with me some time ago info about Estonia DAO built on Aragon for e-residents, that is fascinating :wink: