Upholding transparency when posting in the forum

Forum posts are not the same as website articles or web documents and so shouldn’t be edited in the same manner. Writers can edit articles on their websites by adding new information and then notifying their subscribers. With forum posts, however, adding ideas to existing posts actually defeats the purpose of sharing the idea/info in the first place.

Once you hit publish in the forum, whoever is online reads your message. Any idea/info that you add to an existing post thereafter without notifying others is literally “hiding” that info from them. It gets even worse when someone has already replied to your message because the additional info (depending on what it is) can invalidate a person’s reply and make them sound stupid.

I was curious to see if what is being practiced on other social media platforms is also going on here and it turns out it is. I suggest it should be highly discouraged. If you’re editing for spelling, punctuation, or grammar, that’s fine. But if you want to add more info (facts, new evidence, etc), please, just publish a new post so that those who have already read your first message should be notified.


This is about comments, not the main topic of discussion.


This is well said and a continuous problem both in discord and in most forums.

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Hey @Vallery ,

Agree with the premise here and it should certainly be discouraged. In a lot of proposals there is change and discussion along with time to be taken in to account. Does a new forum post re-start the clock and what is a meaningful change, it could well discourage proposers taking on legitimate feedback in to a proposal, if the clock starts again.

On the idea of a notification 100% agree that those who have commented should be notified of a change. Comments should not be able to be changed, or there should be a versioning history that goes alongside them as well. Proposals have this feature, not sure comments do though.

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I was actually referring to comments, not the main topic of discussion. Thanks for pointing that out.

Updated post following the clarification from @AClay

Nope, doesn’t restart the clock, but it shows up where you have unread messages

Understand your frustration and I hope the following information helps clarify that all versions of the original post are retained for full transparency.

I can see that you’ve edited your original post. I simply click on the orange edit ICON - top righthand side of every post - and can scroll through all versions, with version edits highlighted. Below is the example from your own post.

It is not neccessary to police standards as to what can/can not be edited, discourse itself is designed to maintain full transparency. There is also an icon that shows when people are typing in the forum.

Please understand that some of us need more time to create, draft and edit responses than others. I missed your quick response while still editing my post the other day. Having studied and applied a journalism major, editing drafts is my modus operandi and as I shared with you an important tool to help check and revise my train of thought.

"…By Consequence, or train of thoughts, I understand that succession of one thought to another which is called, to distinguish it from discourse in words, mental discourse.
When a man thinketh on anything whatsoever, his next thought after is not altogether so casual as it seems to be. Not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, The First Part: Of Man, Chapter III: Of the Consequence or Train of Imagination

The above information pertains to every post AND comment. Adding “and comment” imo would have been better placed as an edit, than as an additional comment

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