Unwinding PrimeDAO <> Aragon Token Swap

A brief update:

  • The transaction expired for a second time without meeting quorum
  • As a result Aragon was unable to vote on the proposal within PrimeDAO. The vote on Prime side has passed and the final deal on the table diverges from the one desired by Aragon token holders.

There was over a month between the Proposal being published on the forum and the vote on PrimeDAO side. Yet the AA has failed to transfer the D2D tokens to a wallet from which guild representatives can vote according to the expressed desire by ANT holders. At this point Aragon DAO guilds have done everything possible to unwind the swap at the best possible terms for ANT tokenholders.

We have experienced other collaboration efforts falling through due to the inability of AA to act in a timely manner.

If tokenholders feel strongly about the divergence between the deal that we (the Aragon DAO guilds) proposed and the final deal approved by PrimeDAO tokenholders please free to take it up with PrimeDAO and convince them to run another vote if/when the D2D arrives at a wallet with which we (the Aragon DAO guilds) can vote. We (the Aragon DAO guilds) would support such an effort but will not take it upon ourselves to lead it.


@joeycharlesworth @Joan_Arus @luis @stefanobernardi

Why are you as AA members unable to preform this incredibly simple task - it is your duty.

Would love to hear why this seems to be so hard to preform?

Is this done intentionally? DAO members and Guild members have expressed extreme distaste towards the actions shown here by the AA. You are failing to do what you were brought here to do, what you are being paid to do. I think its time for some answers

As much as we may have disagreed on other topics, I have to agree with you on this one. Even if some signers are OOO, these delays to perform such basic operations are not acceptable and improvements are needed here.

For future transactions, I’ve proposed to use the new multisig on aOSx with different set of signers, which doesn’t have the 4 day voting period delay and that allow us to execute faster.


What are we expecting to be returned to the treasury from the deal that passed? How much does this differ from the initial proposal that passed Aragon’s governance? Thanks!

We are getting 11,612 ANT back against 887,592 D2D.
The proposal that passed here was for 22,000 ANT (all that was left in Prime’s treasury at time of publishing)
If you have some objections please feel free to raise them in the Prime forum. The D2D is finally in a wallet we have access to and we are going to execute tomorrow.


Dear Joan,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to express a sense of concern I have regarding the current and future operations of the Aragon Association. The perceived lack of commitment in this regard could potentially have an impact on the community’s confidence.

In light of this, I believe it could be beneficial for us to consider transitioning all operations, including the treasury, onto the blockchain. This could not only address the current concerns but also provide a transparent and accountable framework for our operations moving forward.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Best regards,

Transaction has been executed: