Trustless Escrow OTC Trade - $500 worth of PNK (Kleros) for $500 of ANT (with the intention ➡️ANJ and staking in the court)

I’m an active guy on Kleros.

I definitely want to test drive Aragon Court but in order to have decent chances of being selected as a juror, I need to have a decent stack.

Why do I want to test drive it? See this thread:

(various thoughts, proposals, ideas)

Previously I’ve been “all talk no action”, no token ownership, more of a “sending thoughts and prayers” as well as emotional support:

I am thinking about Uniswap - the slippage isn’t that bad but it is almost 3% at $700 swap (adding zero, round numbers).

I am thinking about dogfooding - Kleros Escrow - - does the job.

My phone number is semi-public, if you check git commit history to my website you’ll find it… In the meanwhile, probably the Telegram will be the best:

We agree on the price (Uniswap / CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko) and set up the Escrow

I remain a big supporter of Kleros and I see no contradiction by trying to acquire some ANT:

  • diversifying is sound money management
  • many eggs in many baskets
  • investing in the whole sector

I’m also big supported of Aragon and I can see the future where these two projects coexist:

  • Aragon digital jurisdiction, shares, voting, governance
  • Kleros plug-and-play dispute resolution

PS. I’ve already linked to the thread about court improvements - - I also have the thread about Escrow improvements: - I would really like to put some tokens into Escrow without knowing the other party address, that would be a real proof-of-seriousness use case… In the meanwhile - - message me and we agree on the price.

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If I may suggest: set the price you believe is fair, put the offer ready to be accepted and wait if someone is interested. Simple is good.

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Market is moving, that’s why need to agree on the price at the moment of the trade.

Realising that Uniswap fees are fair and make the guys providing liquidity wealthier, which is kind of good (for the ecosystem).

Sounds complicated to me but if it works, great.

Alternatively you get immediate solution to your need through Uniswap, with reasonable slippage:

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