Transparency Policy

Transparent information is essential for making the decision. So transparency is a prerequisite for distributed governance. During the revision conf in Berlin we’ve discussed a bit situation where rchain posted the videos from meetings and all meeting notes but was seriously intransparent in public financial reports. Which possibly led afterwards to some deadly mistakes.

Aragon is among the best companies in transparency in my opinion: updates in the chat, to quarterly reports and multisig. All of that if great, and thanks for that. Maybe out of this, we could do a template for other organizations. Maybe we can also add additional layers, e.g. org structure, goals & kpis, strategy transparency.

There’s also Project Transparency which is working towards greater transparency, but out of their website I couldn’t find other reports and their method is also not described anywhere (couldn’t reach them to ask as well). Strangely even on the structures like Ethereum Foundation it’s hard to find much (except of the grants).

So i’d like to ask you several questions:

  • do you see a need in greater transparency in the current blockchain ecosystem?
  • what are most feasible ideas or actions needed?
  • what are the potential problems and weak sides of this process?
  • who else are great (or worst) examples of the transparency?