Transitional Obligations like resident/citizen and commercial activity taxes



I’ve been giving some thought to this as I’m transitioning to a DAO and just wanted to get some of your thoughts on it. :thinking: :thought_balloon: :bulb:

While we’re yet to transition to a state where the individuals starting a DAO would be independent from a sovereign nation. a sovereign nation which would be enforcing their tax obligations. obligations like personal income, capital gains etc for the individual. they could then argue that a DAO run by said individual isn’t legally recognised and sees it as a conventional company - for them to then posit that they are owed tax from its commercial activity.

coming from the UK as far as i can be able to make out, unlike the US, where no matter where in the world you are or however long long you’ve been there - uncle sam wants his cut! (protection money :angry:) in the UK, you can be a citizen but not a resident. resident is defined as actually living in the country for more than 6 months of the year. an important distinction as one is exempt from things like personal income or capital gains tax if you’re a non-resident. so a digital nomad is then able to say set up a DAO without the government tentacles…

so i’m just curious as to whether others have given thought to this particular potential issue… but also others which could be achilles heel type problems, please do share. i think this just might be big enough of a vector that it needs it’s own category (ecosystem onboarding?) to highlight it and enable in-depth exploration! :nerd_face: :bulb:


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