Transfer Increase From the Association in Anticipation of the Fund Transfer

Hey All,

Quick update on fund transfers to AN DAO, up until this point the AN DAO has been receiving 200k Per month from the AA Budget DAO. Also aware there has been a lack of information these transfers.

In anticipation of the full fund transfer in November the AA committee has agreed to increase the transfers for Q3 and Q4 to $500k per month up until the 30th of November when the full treasury is anticipated to be transferred. Up until this Month the AA has been transferring 200k per month.

First 500k transfer will occur in the next few days. Any questions please let me know. Will continue to follow the DAO split of 90% USDC 10% ANT to try and match the DAO payments and not create an imbalance.

CC, @Ricktik6 @lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina


As indicated in the August Income & Expense report of AN DAO $0 funds were received from the AA during August as the DAO has currently sufficient funds to adhere to its commitments.

For the remainder of S2, the DAO will only receive funds that are necessary to keep its commitments. AN DAO is still capable to claim the $500k a month (according to the post above), but the funds will only be transferred when it is necessary.