Transaction fees on Aragon Chain

Will Aragon Chain have an impact on the fees one has to pay for creating a dao or voting in a dao or voting in the aragon court?

Would be so amazing if I can choose if my DAO doesn’t need so much security to be able to choose my security level for my DAO. I like what LiquidApps are doing in this space. They are building this flexible infrastrucutre where every DAPP / DAO can choose their own security level and therefore reduce cost. Not every dao needs to be on Ethereum some are fine on EOS or on a private chain or only some actions on ethereum some on a private chain etc. This is what LiquidApps try to solve next to other problems.

It should make them cheaper!

what is the goal 1/10 of eth transaction?

if its for example 1/10 cheaper will the security 1/10 also?

That is a great question, probably too early to tell, but I think it can be 10x cheaper!

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and probably also faster confirmation?

aragon chain will go live at the end of this year?


On dates, always hard to say since it’s kind of a community effort! But hopefully this year, yeah.

I thought chainsafe is building aragon chain. How is this a community effort?

Well validators, exchanges, etc. will need to adopt it, so it’s not only in the hands of ChainSafe.

so chainsafe is creating aragon chain and when chainsafe is ready with the chain it will go to test net and then validators need to test the chain and when the chain is ready for main net then validator launch the chain? What is the job of exchanges?

Correct. Exchanges will likely have to integrate support for ARA because it’s a custom chain and not an ERC20.

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where is chainsafe at the moment? on track or in delay ? does the aragon ecosystem has a milestone tracker system where each project can put in their projects with milestones and category + tag (similar to the forum) so everyone can visual see all milestones how they are connected and interdependent and weather they are feaster, on track or delayed in real time (update every week or so). this could be useful for DAOs to track what they are working on (milestone App).

It would be cool to represent it as a technology tree1, 2, 3. Like this one, but for DAOs:


That’s so cool!

We don’t and I think it’s hard since there are many teams doing work separately on different initiatives