Transaction fee so high

Am I missing something?

To just create a simple vote, it costs US$2.87?

I feel like i’m missing something. Why is there even a fee associated with this?

I won’t even mention the US$110 i spent setting up the organization?

Something’s definitely not aligning here.

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The fees are based on current Ethereum gas prices. You can learn about Ethereum gas here:

You can see current gas prices using a website such as or

Yes I get that, but practically, however, it’s just not feasible cost wise.

It’s like paying $2 every time you change a cell in google docs. The value to cost ratio is way out of wack.

I still feel like I missing something, but others are talking about these crazy high transaction costs too as being the deal breaker for really entertaining these types of DAO’s

You could use xDai or IDChain if you don’t have a need for transacting on Ethereum, specifically.

Aragon xDai client:

Aragon IDChain client:

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