Tollgate: pay to perform actions in an Aragon organization


This app should be ready to use, but has not been audited or deployed to mainnet.


Many actions within an organization have a social cost. When you submit a proposal you are asking for everyone’s collective attention to evaluate the proposal. You are also asking for people to pay transaction fees to interact with your proposal.

To increase the quality of proposals it may be useful for an organization to impose a fee on specific actions. For example, to submit a proposal to vote an organization may require 10 DAI to be transferred to the organization’s vault.

Such a fee could be used on organizations like the CFDAO to combat spam (though we have not really had an issue with that so far), it would be trivial for an attacker to overwhelm the organization by submitting and voting on their proposals, requiring other ANT holders to rally a larger amount of support and vote on each proposal.

In cases where proposals are primarily used to request funds, the toll amount could be recovered by the proposer in the event their proposal passes, but if their proposal is rejected then they forfeit those funds to the organization.

The Tollgate app was also created at an A1 Hackathon. It does not have a frontend, instead it is intended to be used within permissions and transaction pathing. The user will simply be prompted to make a transfer as part of a transaction path, when necessary.


Article explaining the inspiration for creating the tollgate app and potential use cases: