Token Engineering Commons

Token Engineering Commons


This grant will help to fund the dev work required to deploy the Token Engineering Commons. We will work with 1Hive (or similar Aragon devs) and their Gardens template to attach an Augmented Bonding Curve to a Conviction Voting DAO to fund Token Engineering Public Goods.

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Proposal Information

Proposal description:

The Token Engineering (TE) Commons’ mission is to efficiently distribute funds to projects focused on supporting the Token Engineering space. The TE Commons will connect the best projects to the resources they need via the creation of a regenerative circular economy where:

  1. Capital supports contributions.
  2. Contributions create value.
  3. Value empowers token engineers.
  4. People who appreciate token engineer empowerment contribute capital and govern the TE Commons.

At the same time, the TE Commons is the Iteration 0 “Field Test” of the Commons Stack’s Flagship Commons model specifically an Augmented Bonding Curve attached to a Conviction Voting DAO. The Commons Stack will ensure others can take the model created here and deploy it for their own use case. The data generated by the TE Commons will be used to help us improve the cadCAD models for these components.

The core objective of this Field Test is to create a comprehensive cultural build playbook on how to build the right culture for a community that wants to use this Commons model to create sustainable funding for governing their shared resources.

Proposal Rationale

Competing with Governments to fund Public Goods is the Fight for Freedom, and the Crypto Revolution we are working towards! But creating sustainable regenerative economies is both an Art and a Science.

By funding this project, ANT token holders will

  1. Support Aragon Devs in improving Aragon software.
  2. Connect a Cultural Build Playbook with a DAO Template.
  3. Create another Field Test of the Conviction Voting Module.
  4. Support shared resources in the Token Engineering space.
  5. Gather data to backtest and improve the Conviction Voting cadCAD model.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
How long do you think it will take to deliver on your proposal

December. We will hold the ANT until it is used to pay developers to support us in our deployment.

We are on time with the roadmap currently implementing the ‘Acknowledging & Rewarding Contributions to the TE Commons’ proposal approved internally on August 31st.

Team Information

This is a Commons Stack + Token Engineering community project, that has involvement from various people! A few core contributors you might recognize are:

Name - Twitter
Griff - @thegrifft
Livia - @_liviade
Jeff - @jeffemmett
Angela - @akrtws
Sebnem - @sebnem

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of ANT requested: 500 ANT (~$4000)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Griff Green will hold the ANT tokens in a Metamask account and will avoid selling them until the last moment (if at all), and the funds will be used to reimburse dev work transparently using Giveth.