Token Curated Registry for Aragon Experts Program 🦅

Token Curated Registry for Aragon Experts Program :eagle:

Aragon Experts are necessary for the Aragon Ecosystem.

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
A token curated registry (TCR) is an incentivized voting mechanism that helps create trusted lists that are maintained by the very people that use them. The Aragon Experts program is currently on a pilot and the listings are currently being processed manually introducing new experts by sequential cohorts. This proposal has the intention to create a TCR for this program, where the people that use and rely on the program will protect this list with actual tokens, choosing whether a candidate should be listed as an Aragon expert or not. This proposal also covers the UI for the TCR.

Proposal Rationale
The Aragon Ecosystem has been growing in a very fast manner. This leads to a huge demand for experimented professionals to help build products around Aragon; this demand will only increase over time. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a decentralized mechanism to manage the people participating in this program. As stated by Aragon, right now the pilot can’t offer quality assurance guarantees on the different teams. With a TCR, this would slightly change since the applicants will have to convince token holders to actually accept them which adds an extra trust layer. All this, in consequence, contributes to Aragon development and is relevant for all ANT holders.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
The expected duration for this project at most 2 months as I’m involved in other projects around the community.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Cristopher (crisog): I’m a contributor around the 1Hive community. I’ve been involved with the Aragon ecosystem for less than a year, but I’m highly committed to keeping building products and helping others to start using Aragon DAOs. I’m a member of a winning team in the ‘Hack for Freedom’ hackathon for two of the prizes ( I’m currently creating scripts using @aragon/toolkit scripts to make even easier the process of creating DAOs.

You can find me on discord at the following discord servers: RaidGuild, 1Hive, Aragon, Aracred.


Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of ANT requested: 250 (~$1,930 USD at 7.72 per ANT)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x55168520F201c06C2f29D7f0F85b87405006753e

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used: The funds will be used for compensation of the time required to build this TCR and the UI for it.



Would love to see a collaboration here with the Aragon Academy proposal Aragon Academy . Being able to prove experience and get certified fits nicely into the Experts TCR.



cool! Thanks @joeycharlesworth


This could be cool, but who would curate the registry and what would be their incentive for doing that work?

I think Aragon Court could be a good way to implement this since there is already a base of jurors that would be able to curate the Aragon experts list if an expert nomination is challenged (dispute).