Thoughts on Aragon client roadmap

Aragon Roadmap

I wanted to write some raw thoughts on the Aragon roadmap. The points are ordered by priority, although don’t take this as any formal roadmap whatsoever.
This is just a brain dump of items that I consider relevant for the success of Aragon. I intentionally excluded other very important apps for Aragon, such as the TCR or Liquid Democracy. I wanted to only include here fundamental features and apps that make Aragon a great platform to build dapps and create DAOs, and not the actual apps that will likely be built on top and drive usage.


Allow users to visualize who has control over the resources of a DAO, and modify those permissions too.

Relevant issues:

Entity component

Human-readable names are important. We should provide a UI component to visualize:

  • ENS names

  • Aragon apps

  • Aragon DAOs

  • Known contracts, including tokens (maybe using the MyCrypto list)

  • Plain Ethereum addresses

This component should be a part of Lorikeet and easily embeddable by developers.

Relevant issues: and

Aragon ID

Aragon ID lets users and DAOs have rich metadata over their identities. That data can be exposed via the Entity component.

Relevant issues:

Actor app

The Actor app would let DAOs interact with external contracts that don’t follow the aragonOS interface.

Relevant issues: Dynamic Permissions for Organization "Actions" with Signer Integration


Aragon Core should be responsive to work on mobile. This needs:

  • For all the apps to be responsive

  • For the left sidebar to be hidden by default

Relevant issues:

DAO chooser

As Aragon Core supports interacting with multiple DAOs, we could replace the logo on the top left with a DAO chooser that lets you switch to DAOs you have pinned there. It could also leverage Aragon ID and the Entity component to show the DAO metadata, such as name and icon.


Notifications were a big feature in the pre-0.5 era of Aragon Core. We should re-introduce them. There’s already support for them in part of the frontend and aragon.js. We should let apps show notifications, and also use notifications as a way to track progress of transactions yet to be introduced in a block.

Relevant issues:

App center

It is very important that users are able to install and uninstall apps from their DAOs. We need to build a minimum viable App center that allows for that.

Optimistic UI patterns

Lorikeet should have optimistic UI patterns built in, so developers don’t need to worry about listening for blockchain transactions and re-rendering their app. Users should also feel that their actions happen immediately, whenever possible.

User-centered Home app

We should redesign the Home app and add a user-centric view informing the user about actions that they have initiated within the DAO.

Relevant issues:

Aragon Network integration

We should create Aragon apps for the Aragon Network that allow for:

  • Judges to participate in cases

  • Participants to create agreements and provide collateral for them

  • Participants to provide evidence to judges

  • Users to create their own nested jurisdiction (that we call context in the whitepaper) that inherits from the Aragon Network or any other context


Not sure if the above were in any sort of priority order but figured I would emphasize the pieces that I personally think are the most critical.

Permissions + App Center

The ability to install new application and dynamically manage permissions is really important for an organization to adapt and delegate responsibilities. Since we are using the Token Manager app to represent groups within the organization, if an organization needs to create a new group to delegate responsibilities to (likely fairly common) they need a way to to install and configure a new instance of the token manager. In the future a single group app might provide better UX, but you would likely need to install multiple instances of the voting app anyways.

Actor App

Enabling a DAO to interact with external applications makes it really easy for developers to add governance to their dapp by setting the DAOs actor app as the OnlyOwner. It would also enables organizations to be built around existing web3 infrastructure DEXs, Maker CDPs, Dharma loans, all of these things would be immediately accessible to Aragon users.