The Twitter Game


The goal of the game is to curate a list of the most influence twitter user in the crypto space.

How it works?

A user who wants to participate in curating the list writes a bot „i want to play“ via his twitter account. Then s/he gets 100 Tokens(T). Then s/he can take the Ttoken and invest it in any twitter use s/he thinks is influence in the crypto space. The exchange rate between Token(T) and TwitterUserToken (TUT) is based on an algorithm / bonding curve which is based on the amount of follower the twitter user already has. 1 Token is equal to 100 follower. The more follower a twitter user has the higher the price of the TwitterUserToken(TUT). Each month there is a snapshot of TUT holders. 100% TUT token is equal to 10.000 DNT. If you own 1% of all TUT tokens you get 1% * 1.000 DNT = 10DNT. TUT holders govern the game. Everyone can sponsor the game with token like dash or ANT or other token. Each twitter user own 50% of his own tokens. therefore the twitter user can dump the price of his token. depending how s/he manages her TUT investors want the token or not. I think this game can be done with YouTube channels or exchanges or tokens or other games.