The Assets of Aragon đź”±

With numerous discussions surrounding Aragon’s assets lately, it’s important for investors and founders to be aware of all of them.

  • The first asset of Aragon is its treasury in ETH and stablecoins, which cannot be forked.
  • The second asset is the open-source protocol licensed under AGPL-3.0. It is intentionally designed to be highly forkable—merely a press of a button.
  • The third asset is the knowledge, skill and experience held by the project contributors. While not forkable, these contributors can move on, and their knowledge can be shared infinitely.
  • Lastly, ANT and its price depends on all three aforementioned assets.

Throughout Aragon’s history, one can observe investors and even founders focussing on the first and last asset while neglecting the other two.

Ultimately, all assets are interdependent and must harmonize with one another. Those governing this project should pay close attention to those forkable assets when making their decisions.

can you maybe translate this to something more actionable?

should we be valuing the protocol and workers skills in the backing price to buy back to?