The Aragon Cooperative DAO Post-Vote-Mortem

Hi all,

Sitting watching Europe lurch to right and the insidious spread of populism/fascism here in the UK and across the continent (w. some exceptions i.e. go España!), it seems somehow appropriate to share some thoughts regarding the recent set of concluded Coop votes.

I accept of course that this is a subjective opinion (aren’t they all?), and I’ll focus on the 2 mainnet Coop votes I setup (+ the OPEN:2019 CFDAO vote).

1.2k w.c., approx 7m read, with thanks in advance…

What does European extremism have to do with the Coop?

Additionally, what has the Coop really accomplished? Sorting out itself is definitely not a legitimate measurement for progress, as that is a means to an end and not an end itself.

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Hi @liri,

What we shared were synchronous timings of voting results, rather than outcomes - sorry if that wasn’t clear.

I was, and remain, disheartened about the European elections, but certainly not our Cooperative DAO.

As for ‘what have we accomplished’ - we exist! (still:)…

And after less than a month of existence we’ve had more workplace excitement than I’ve had in months (a bit too much in all honesty but let’s not dwell on the past eh).

We’ve gone deep into tools, governance, community, education, documentation and decentralising ourselves: finding holes, bugs, SNAFU’s as well as mapping some interesting new routes.

Please don’t judge us until the end of next month, we know there’s a lot yet to do, but with the momentum and motivation of a cooperating community there’s certainly lots more to come in terms of productive outputs from this space…

A month or so ago, I had actually hoped you might join us? Pseudonymity and democracy is such an interesting problem for us (and many crypto projects interested in Identity), I think you’d have a really interesting take.

Certainly be up for having a discussion sometime and sharing the docs and thoughts that we have - up to you ofc.