The ANJ bonding curve was frozen one month ago without community consultation

I want to mention, solely for the record, that today it has been a month since the bonding curve was frozen and ANJ holders’ funds were effectively locked in place and rendered illiquid (

I mention that as one potential motivator behind the suggestion for Aragon to consider offering ANJ holders a better path forward than 1 ANJ = 0.015 ANT.

I can only speak for myself, but half of my stake in Aragon is in Aragon Court, and for the last month: 50% of my stake in Aragon (as a whole) has been locked into a state where the only way for me to convert it into something else is to take a 30%+ price impact via Uniswap (leading to around 1 ANJ = 0.0075 ANT).

This type of thing is not what Aragon was marketed as, as a protocol or organisation that would literally take 50% of a passionate users’ stake in the platform and lock it into a hiatus for over a month, whilst not even appearing to be proactive about the idea that the ANJ holders who bought a newly issued Aragon token with a low market cap deserve a better deal than a $1 ANJ = $1 ANT, even after pausing the bonding curve and driving the future viability of ANJ into the ground yourselves (I know the “we built it, we can destroy it” rhetoric, it is tired).

In my view, Aragon needs to accept responsibility for effectively annihilating something that many people such as myself passionately bought into. Something that Aragon itself advertised. Doing what has been done to your community participants is unprofessional and I am frankly amazed that there isn’t more coverage of how poorly handled this whole thing has been. Nobody wants to admit it because we all wish for Aragon to be great, which it will be, but this has in fact been a bit of a fuck up. I mean, a bonding curve has been paused for a month and just because it is a couple million dollars market cap in comparison to ANT’s ~100x that, it has been treated as fairly low priority for Aragon - as if Aragon has already decided that 1 ANJ holder is equal to 0.015 of an ANT holder.

I think the ANJ community is owed at least 1 ANJ = 0.03 ANT, not after some lockup but from the get go, and I think with some form of lockup it should be able to get to between 1 ANJ = 0.045 to 1 ANJ = 0.06 (depending on how long the lockup is).

I don’t expect anything but I am saying this anyway, because frankly I am frustrated, especially after how much time I have spent shilling for Aragon in my private life.