Test organization for decentralizing aragonpm.eth (AGP-28)

Looking forward the next ANV3 it is a priority to have all the pieces in place to put AGP-28 to live. I been working towards it and yesterday I finally deployed on rinkeby a test ENS Registry and a test organization with all the permissions outlined in the proposal. In the bottom of the post it is all the details about it.

Link to testing organization :eagle:

The objective of this organization is to battle test the model with the help of Flock teams, the Aragon Association, ANSP and all other people that might be interested on be part of the new governance structure. Then each should consider to ask APM tokens through an AGP.

My next step is to update the aragon apm publish command of the aragonCLI to output the information that is going to be published instead of fetching the repo after publish. In this way is going to be possible to decide to publish or not.


Developing the testing DAO I found some improvements of the current system and I would like to get feedback:

  1. For the permissions app frontend:
    1.1. To see the Repo app subdomain information (not sure if it is possible).
    1.2. To show Actions with the same name only once on this page (e.g. current AragonPM DAO’s permission page)
  2. Small changes on aragonOS to allow this governance model (draft PR).

Questions open to discussion

How we make deployments as easy as they are now?
How to allocate security partner tokens?
Does it worth to create a template for this DAO structure?

Proposed DAO structure (from AGP-28)

Current state

New apps

Token Manager:

  • Token: APM
  • Transferable: No
  • Maximum tokens per account: No limit


  • Token: APM
  • Support required: 66.666666666666666666%
  • Minimum acceptance quorum: 50%
  • Vote duration: 72 hours


App Role Grantee Manager
Kernel MANAGE_APPS AA multisig (*) AA multisig (*)
ACL CREATE_PERMISSIONS AA multisig (*) AA multisig
APMRegistry CREATE_REPOS Voting (*) AA multisig (*)
All Repo instances CREATE_VERSION Voting (*) AA multisig (*)
Voting CREATE_VOTES Token Manager (*) AA multisig (*)
Voting MODIFY_SUPPORT AA multisig (*) AA multisig (*)
Voting MODIFY_QUORUM AA multisig (*) AA multisig (*)
Token Manager MINT AA multisig (*) AA multisig (*)
Token Manager BURN AA multisig (*) AA multisig (*)
  • Mainnet AA multisig: 0xcafE1A77e84698c83CA8931F54A755176eF75f2C
  • Rinkeby AA multisig: TBD by Aragon Association

(*) denotes that this is a permission that will need to be modified or be created