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Hi All,

Creating a thread here to discuss the Audit of As you know the core team has been working on it for a number of months and will need an audit in the coming weeks.

I have contacted all the auditors on the whitelist a starting point for the Tech Committee to check availability and also whether they will take payment for a DAO.

Proposed Audit will need to be of the Frontend & Contracts from what I understand: GitHub - aragon/core: Core components and services of the Aragon ecosystem

Budget will need to be up to $200k based on initial discussions, please feedback if you think this is low.

Looking for your expertise here @nivida @p4u @voronchuk on the best next steps and engagement.

Will share bellow each auditor that has been contacted and responded.


Replying to this thread:

  • ConsensysDilligence - Automated tool available
  • Coinspect - Conversation started awaiting engagement from tech committee
  • ZKLabs - Waiting for date if available
  • OpenZeppelin - Booked 8+ Months
  • Chainsecurity - Introductory Call 30th of May Scheduled
  • RuntimeVerification, Inc. (RV) - Slots Available
  • Trail of Bits - Awaiting response
  • Certik - Slots Available
  • SigmaPrime - Awaiting response
  • PeckShield - Not contacted (Website 404 Error)
  • Mixbytes - Slots Available
  • Certora - Awaiting response

@p4u @nivida and @voronchuk please state here from that list which are the ones you think we should move forward

@AlexClay thank you for your work. I suggest @nivida leads the process from the tech committee side as he was leading the development of this code.

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Hey @nivida @p4u @voronchuk,

Are you able to please confirm you choice? If not I am going to have to go through an alternative mechanism and it puts in to question the scope of the tech committee.

Please let us know by Wednesday this week.