Tao Voting - Support Required

What is the Support Required (%)?

The Support Required (%) is the percentage of YES votes from the vote-total required for a proposal to pass.

Implications & Parameter Options

The Support Required (%) is measured as a percentage (YES Votes/Total Votes), and you will have the option to set this parameter between 50 and 100.

The Support Required is an important consideration when developing responsible voting configurations. We desire consensus when voting, and the Support Required percentage is a direct reflection on the degree of consensus among token holders regarding any proposal. Consensus requires deliberation, and the parameters for the Upgrade will be thoroughly debated. A high Support Required percentage means that a certain degree of consensus is required. A low Support Required percentage will allow for a small majority to dictate decisions.

Suggested Range

Since support for a proposal is highly desirable, we suggest a range of 60%-95% for the Support Required parameter.

Related Parameters to consider when defining the Support Required (%):

Minimum Quorum (%)

Vote Duration (days)

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Awesome & much-appreciated clarification! Does the suggested range assume pure Yes/No question? If we have “abstain” would the support be counted as Yes / (Yes + No) as to avoid “abstain” answers artificially dragging the support down?

In Tao Voting there is no abstain, culturally in the TEC we use snapshot for cultural decisions, and abstain doesn’t modify our percentages but adds to the quorum.

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