Tag Requests

I think it would be nice to add Tags with emojis (:moneybag:Finance :handshake:Social) here as well as to the App category. Some kind of filtering option within the Categorizations

So if a DAO is mainly finance related like uniswap then the title would be :moneybag:Uniswap DAO Tag:Finance. If its Finance and Social then it would be :moneybag::handshake:Uniswap DAO Tag:Finance;Social

If its like this then the website I did is kind of useless because this forum would be as well structured as the site and bonus with wiki so it wouldn’t make sense for me to keep doing the website.

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A picture says a thousand words. If you wanted you could add the emojis to the thread titles - or you could create a tag that has the emoji. With tags the benefit is that you can add tags to threads that you didn’t author (if you have a certain trust level - I think 2) which would allow the community (such as yourself) to help curate and organize DAO threads

ok so I just put an emoji in the title and someone else tags it then because i have no authority.

I believe you should be able to add tags to your own posts. Is that not showing up as a feature for you?

As an example, I edited the Saint Fame post to add a shopping emoji. If you edit the title you should see the shopping cart in the tags section.

It would be nice if you could add tags to it like :bank:Finance or :ballot_box:Governance

@Mouyou are you not able to create tags yourself when you create posts?

no i can just search for tags in select tags i think fit

Thanks for the feedback. Looks like the Trust Level to create tags was set to 3. Changed it to 2 so now you should be good to go :slight_smile:

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