Switching Client Templates?


I am new to DAO, and am looking to stand up my Company quickly so thought I might use the Open Enterprise Template. I am not now so sure I should have selected that template. If someone could provide some advise to help me get his going:

  1. Can I fix the Open Enterprise Template: Current Behavior I am seeing is that the DAO connects to my Wallet (Metamask) but the page is not rendering. (It was rendering several weeks ago.) Is there a fix? If so what would that be?

  2. Is this template just not getting the love and I should switch to the “Company” template? If so, how would I reload the Company Template (I do not have any data I want to save at this time…)

Thanks all for your help, I am new and want to be more engaged and want to code for the Use Cases I am pursuing. So your assistance would be extremely grateful. My DAO is “Federalist2”.

Greg Spehar