Subgraph for Token Request App

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
Integrate 1Hive’s token request app to be used with Aragon Connect.
I did some work on the token request app during hack the world. See NFT request. I’d love extend the work I did and make a subgraph ala The Graph protocol so communities can start baking governance into their dApps.

Proposal Rationale
This could be used to onboard new token holders or handle the purchase and sale of DAO owned NFTs. dApps can integrate their onboarding process however they like it and also display their gallery of beautiful NFTs in a ecosystem friendly style.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
1 month

Team Information ( For Funding Proposals )

GitHub, Twitter

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
Other than my work on NFT Request, I am a member of Raid Guild :crossed_swords: and have added PRs to SourceCred and Metagame repos in the last month

Funding Information ( For Funding Proposals )

200 ANT

  • Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Compensation for expected time. Alongside making the subgraph, there is more work to be done in the NFT Request repo to get it up to snuff. Specifically with handling NFTs and displaying them on chain.

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