Starting a New Organization

Hi, Is anyone having a hard time using meta mask as the Eth provider? I haven’t had luck being able to connect it & get to recognize the provider in order to create a new org.

Hello @bmschwa!

I had the same situation in the past. Maybe if you can check the connection speed and make sure if that is enough to run the Aragon Platform. Low connections could affect the normal UI while using Metamask to enhace it with the platform

I’m using linux (ubuntu); I wasn’t able to get brave to work, but through firefox I was able to create an org… I think :slight_smile: Although now, its in some sort of “partially created state”.

Can anyone offer any insight into what state this project is in & what I need to do in order to get it to complete creating:

Getting an error now:

ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.

Anyone know how to debug it?

Hey looks like the org is deployed now. Did you manage to get passed the bugs? You can also jump in the #dev-help on

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Thanks much for following up, Louis.

Glad you can see the org was started. I tried to install the cli but received some npm errors. … Posted about it in #dev-help … would love to add an org to aragon…

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Historically the CLI has worked best with NPM 10.15.3. Do you have that version installed? If not, maybe try that? Otherwise, maybe @gabi can help :slight_smile:

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Hey @bmschwa I saw you got help from #dev-help. If I understood correctly you would like to experiment with the project management apps. To start playing with that I suggest you to create on Rinkeby a new organization using the Open Enterprise Template, here.
Following the onboarding process will install all the project management apps and then you can decide which ones fit your needs :raised_hands:


Thanks. I’d like to check it out