SourceCred Update - Nov 2021

Hi All,

I wanted to provide an update on the first SourceCred payment which is a priority for all involved.

Excitingly the final transaction has been scheduled and the executive sub-DAO will have the ability to schedule transactions from Monday the 29th (Nov), the final set up execution is taking place currently and is in its Delay phase.

The transaction can then be scheduled on Monday the 29th, there will be a 7-day delay in the transaction as it is a Govern DAO which allows for any disputes as the payment will be scheduled optimistically. This will mean the distribution should be with contributors by the 6th of December. This is season one of the DAO a new process, genuinely appreciate your patience.

You can find the distributions up to week 9 here: SourceCred

As a reminder SourceCred is distributing 250 ANT per week to Ambassadors based on contributions and is the first in many tools.

Hope this provides some clarity and look forward to catching up with you all in Discord.

If there are any further updates I will let you know and if you have any questions ping me on discord or here.

Alex Clay#5891


Thanks a lot, Alex. I am glad that the DAO is so mindful of its ambassadors. I have submitted the SourcrCred google form. I hope there won’t be any hiccups.

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Thanks for the update Clay!

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As promised a quick update on the payment, there has been a couple of delays owing to the Disperse contract we are using not interacting correctly with the Govern DAO. This has hopefully been solved today and will work to schedule the transaction this afternoon.