So what's up with the da0?

Just read the dao0 whitepaper, and I’ve gotta say… it looks awesome :slight_smile:

Curious how the Court is going to be integrated as well as if new Aragon apps will be built. Did the A1 team collaborate on research for this?

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I do believe people in the Aragon community replied to some questions on #dev-help – it’s a very cool governance experiment

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Ok cool. So while it’s going to be an Aragon DAO that leverages the Aragon Court, it’s a completely independent project?

Also, when I opened an Issue on the da0 repo asking how the Aragon Court will be involved with the da0 someone else requested examples of how the Aragon Court is currently being used. AFAIK it’s still in early beta right? Have there been any test runs of the court yet and/or when will there be?


Not really, but we should expect a testnet version very soon

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