Simple DAO voting app

It would be nice if there is a app where people can create an aragon/ ethereum address and store dao tokens and vote on stuff. It would be then nice if you would could link a hardware wallet to it so the funds stay on the hardware wallet and if you want to vote you need to confirm every action on the hardware wallet.

Not sure if this is what you mean

Thanks but I was thinking about a native iOS Android app for non technical users very very user friendly just download the app create / connect wallet and then you can search for Aragon daos , follow them get updates and see votes and vote on them

Ahhh, well there is this RFP in the nest repo

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nice thats it.
I think as more features come to aragon (like Jurors, Chain, Crowdfunding, Daos, Voting) the more complicated the app will become. So I think it is important to make it very simple at the beginning and if people want more features in the app they can activate them step by step so people don’t get overwhelmed by all the features. I would suggest the same with as well. so people get slowly introduced to all the functionalities within aragon.