Signaling Proposal: 2023 Annual Strategy Guideline V1

The Aragon Association is excited to unveil one of the first guidelines for the new Aragon DAO. This proposal is to signal support for the following 2023 Annual Strategy Guideline (ASG), which would provide the strategic direction for the DAO for the remainder of the year.

Before getting into the proposal itself and to add some context, the ASG is a simple and flexible alternative to the traditional RFP process used by many other organizations. It defines a strategy and corresponding objectives for the year, providing direction to those making proposals to the DAO. This aims to ensure that the DAO operates as a cohesive unit, addressing the problems with alignment commonly encountered in decentralized organizations.

By integrating strategy into the governance process, the ASG will make decision-making more transparent and accessible for all Aragon governance participants. Teams can align their objectives and funding requests with a guideline that already has explicit wANT support, and thus ANT support, from specific holders and delegates, rather than pursuing unaligned initiatives and potentially realizing too late that they are not supported. Once funded, teams should use the ASG as a reference to identify opportunities for better coordination and collaboration with other teams, while also ensuring their initiatives stay in alignment with the guideline. Conversely, it enables wANT holders to track progress, engage with teams, and evaluate funding requests in a more informed and consistent way.

The following proposed ASG was created by a team of contractors providing services to the Aragon Association. It has already been utilized within the Association for planning and setting objectives for the current quarter, as seen in the various Funding Requests already submitted to the forum. Now, with the launch of the Aragon DAO, this proposal is to pass the ASG as a DAO guideline, signaling the path forward in the new DAO.

If this proposal is approved, any stakeholder in the DAO could at any time during the year propose a change in strategy by proposing a new or amended ASG.

Succesful Proposal: link

IPSF: link

2023 Annual Strategy Guideline V1


Aragon DAO is to consider financial proposals for the remainder of 2023 that directly or indirectly support the initiatives outlined in the Strategy to Become a Governance Hyperstructure v1.0.0.


This 2023 ASG is focused on successfully launching the first version of what will become the most flexible and secure tools for creating and managing decentralized organizations, positioning our smart contract framework to become the hyperstructure for decentralized governance. The first big step this year is to get new DAOs running on the latest version of the Aragon protocol. This will be made more feasible by launching a new human-centered app that makes it easy for non-developers to create and manage their own DAOs. In parallel, Aragon will launch a new SDK to start building out the broader Aragon ecosystem. This year should be all about proving product market fit, and making any necessary pivots we discover once the products are live and in use.

Aragon must also create a world-class customer success program to help get new DAOs on the protocol, creating a seamless DAO onboarding experience and generating an insight feedback loop for teams working on the product. This will prepare Aragon to attract blue chip brands as they forge their own decentralization path.

Lastly, the success of the new Aragon DAO is crucial to this plan, especially since the current organization building these products and technology will stop funding new projects this year. Simply put, without a well-functioning Aragon DAO to operate in, pursuing any other goals is futile.

For further details, please refer to the strategy linked above and following objectives.


The following objectives apply to Aragon as a whole and are scoped until December 31, 2023. Individual teams should closely understand the strategy, familiarize themselves with the work being done by other teams, and then set their own objectives that support these Aragon objectives.

Objective 1: Reach defensible Product Market Fit for App & Protocol

  • Key Result 1: 10 active DAOs [DAOs that have had $10k AUM and have executed at least one financial transfer with a binding vote] have been built on Aragon’s new protocol
  • Key Result 2: Top 6 user needs, as determined by user research, are fulfilled via integrations*
  • Key Result 3: Voters in Aragon DAOs have the option to vote anonymously

Objective 2: Build the best customer success program in the DAO Industry

  • Key Result 1: <72hr mean time-to-resolution for technical support issues
  • Key Result 2: >30 NPS for onboarded DAO builders
  • Key Result 3: >30 NPS for developers who have completed an integration* with our protocol

Objective 3: Successfully transition to the Aragon DAO

  • Key Result 1: No loss of funds
  • Key Result 2: No reduction in average story point completion in Product Development
  • Key Result 3: >80% of former AA contributors who have transitioned are happy working at Aragon DAO by the end of the year
  • Key Result 4: These AA-wide OKRs get voted in as the DAO-wide OKRs

*integration can refer to a new plugin, dApp, other UI integrations, etc.


Prisma will vote “yes” on this proposal. Prisma’s members have been full-time contractors to the Aragon Association during the strategic planning efforts that shaped this guideline, corresponding objectives, and alignment between guilds, as they each set their own objectives and supporting initiatives. We have seen the value this strategic coordination has had for teams during their planning and the positive impact it has had on the overall spirit of the organization, and we look forward to it continuing in the context of the Aragon DAO.

As a guideline, we will use it to inform how we vote throughout the remainder of the year. We will only vote to fund teams that are working on initiatives that directly or indirectly support these annual OKRs.

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OnChainCoop will vote “yes” in support of the proposal.

The proposed ASG is a direct tactical extension of the Strategy to Become a Governance Hyperstructure v1.0.0. We recognize the value of having tighter short-term objectives for two reasons:

  • Provide directional guidance and financial predictability for existing guilds
  • Signal to teams interested in contributing towards Aragon the properties of the DAO so they can better align and time their proposals

Note: The vote for this proposal is already live

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