Signal DAO Vote

Earlier today, Patagon submitted a budget proposal (due to some of the monetary elements of the proposal) to the Aragon DAO. It reads as follows:

In mid May of 2023, members of the Aragon community advocated for completion of the Aragon Association’s transfer of funds from the association to the DAO, a process that was supposed to be completed by November 2022 but which in May 2023 was only having its first $300k transfer.

Due to a major miscommunication and misunderstanding on Aragon’s part, some members of the Aragon Association believed that this movement was calling for the shutdown of Aragon itself, which at no point was ever the goal of the token holders. More than a dozen token holders were banned from the discord and several were banned from the forum, and when holders reached out to team members they were greeted either by silence or by being blocked.

Later, following massive public pressure and a battle in the press, which also included Aragon briefly unilaterally announcing their transition to a Grant structure, a surprising show of initiative from an entity that had failed for a year to transition to a DAO, the Aragon Association announced they were working on solutions in July. They claimed they were in talks with Polygon at one point. Then radio silence. Then expect a response in September, and September came and went. Now it is the end of October, and there is still no response or clarity from the AA.

At the same time in spite of this the Aragon Association has found time to spend millions on purchasing ETH and generally trading the treasury, sending money to teams, basically anything but dealing with the tokenholder issue.

This proposal thus demands clarity and a response on if ANT holders will have their issues resolved, and demands a proper response, subject to DAO discussion + vote, including the mechanism, pricing / APY if ve style. If this is not done by the 1st of November, the following proposal will be put up for official DAO vote:

  1. Clawback of all remaining funding from all Aragon guilds
  2. Demand for missing transparency reports
  3. If these are not respected or responded to adequately, the Aragon DAO shall pursue legal action against the Aragon Association’s Council as individuals for breach of contract as they have failed to deliver the assets of the Aragon Association to the DAO as it had promised and publicly advertised to investors.
    We believe this is an important step after months of continued missed deadlines and lack of discussion to get clarity for the community

Hi @Dcasares
It seems that the IPFS CID provided with the vote is not a valid one:

Do you mind helping me to figure out how to access it?
Or we can veto it and you can recreate the vote with a valid IPFS CID

Hi Mathias,

That may be the case, we are incredibly familiar with IPFS. If you could recreate it that would be ideal, as the content of it already shown above and on twitter, thank you.

Okay I start the veto process.
In the meantime, you can go to an IPFS service like and upload your .md file there.
Then you’ll see the CID next to the file

Paste this CID with a URL like “” in the “Reference” field during the vote creation.

You can do that parallel to the veto process.

After the veto process is complete you get back the staked ANT for the #11 vote.

As one of the tech guardians, I canceled this proposal.
The reference provided didn’t give the necessary information (proposal text) in the reference field.

Please recreate the proposal with a valid IPFS link. You can follow the steps in my previous post to accomplish this.

Got it thank you will do this