Sign in with Ethereum Wallet

The proof of humanity discourse allows for signing in with an Ethereum wallet ( instead of Email / GitHub.
It would be great to have that for the Aragon discourse as well, maybe requiring BrightID or PoH verification.


thats nice. i would love to login with my brightID. i think we have to ask the brightID community if this is possible. BrightID they are the people in charge of that i guess

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i have a answer now:

@bitsikka — Today at 11:49 AM

In the context of Discourse, it would have to either

  • switch to DID based login/account-management, then work with new BrightID architecture explained in the **Improved privacy…no need for contexts"
  • continue with the existing uuid based login/account-management, and BrightID’s current architecture to prevent sybils (like what @Serge described in #2 except instead of wallet the uuid would be Discourse’s own).

Found this

Self-Sovereign Identity

SpruceID is an ecosystem of open source tools to enable user-controlled identity anywhere.

Self-Sovereign Storage

Kepler is a decentralized storage system that uses smart contracts to define where your data live and who has access.

Let your users collect their data in one place that they control, and show their cards however they want.

an ecosystem of open source tools to enable user-controlled identity anywhere. In this episode, they discuss the importance of decentralized identities, how Sign-in With Ethereum works, the use-cases of cross-chain reputations, and much more.


On the second point, I had no idea there was Ethereum wallet based login to Discourse. In that case, wallet would probably be just another uuid used by Discourse. If it is, please disregard what is said in the bracket.

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The Gnosis forum is using cryptoverse. Here are discourse integration instructions. I have not tried these myself–let me know if you have success.

Once that’s running someone could create a plugin to check those Ethereum addresses with a BrightID node and assign discourse “groups” or “trust levels” based on that. Then certain areas or functions of the forum could be limit to BrightID verified users only.

This could be similar to how BrightID discord unique bot can limit functions by assigning the “verified” role to users. This works great and is used by hundreds of discord servers.

Our discourse forum has yet to have the bot problems we see in discord, so we haven’t had a strong need for this, but I would still love to see this integration built.